General FAQs

Where is your office located?

Our office is on Level 1, The Square Centre, Corner of Main Street and The Square, Palmerston North.

How safe is my money when I pay for a tour?

CR McPhail Ltd is financially sound. Our track record for over 26 years and many repeat clients demonstrates that you can have complete confidence in our integrity and viability.

Are you licensed or bonded to any travel organisation?

No, there is no requirement to be licensed or bonded in New Zealand.  We believe our reputation and history are more important.

Are you affiliated to any professional organisations?

The company is a financial member of Agricultural Tour Operators International. The Managing Director, Ron McPhail, is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management.

How long has CR McPhail Ltd been operating?

We have been actively trading since 1992.

Outbound Tour FAQs

Are your tours escorted?

Our policy is that to maximize your enjoyment professional tour leaders representing our company lead our outbound tours. Frequently either Ron McPhail or Monyeen McPhail or both of us unless we are over-committed or arranging the tour for some other organisation. When required we can call on other very capable tour leaders who work for our company. If we are working with a partner company they may provide the Tour Leader.

Why do your tours appear more expensive than some other tours on offer?

Our tours look more expensive because usually we include almost everything – entrance fees to attractions, meals and tips. If you compare the cost of a big ‘mass people movers’ tour with one of ours you will find we are very competitive when you add all the extras you have to pay for other tours and allow for the tax deductible nature of our tours. You get what you pay for. We offer high quality tours and our clients consider they get value for money.

Do you get a ruling from IRD prior to the tour?

No. We believe this can be a disadvantage. Sometimes we add extra technical visits or clients may do additional business, which increases the business proportion of the tour. Following technical tours we send you a report. You can use this as a basis for discussion with your accountant as to what expenses you will claim.

Are your tours tax deductible?

We design most of our tours with the aim of maximising the opportunity for clients to offset the tour expenses against taxable income. Generally from 70% to 100%. We do run some add-ons to our tours that are not tax deductible.

How many people do you take on your tours?

It depends on the destination and the nature of the tour. It can be as few as eight and up to forty five. Generally from fifteen to thirty. We do our best to get our tours away so usually as long as we get a minimum of ten we will go.

What is special about your tours?

We work with business partners in overseas countries who know their country, provide local guides and help us to offer our clients tours which give you the opportunity to mix with the locals and experience the culture. You will also visit interesting farms. We have a lot of repeat clients so we must  have ‘the recipe right’.

Inbound Tour FAQs

Do you provide professional guides?

A feature of our business that sets us apart is the emphasis we place on providing knowledgeable guides that go out of their way to ensure visitors are looked after.

Do you arrange tours for people from countries who do not speak English?

Yes. We have clients from all around the world.

Can you arrange tours other than ones focused on agriculture?

Certainly. Agriculture is a specialty but we organise other tours as well.

If I ask you for a tour itinerary how soon can I expect a response?

We will acknowledge your request right away and endeavour to get an itinerary outline to you within 48 hours.

Do you arrange tours for individual travellers as well as groups?

Yes we do. We specialise in groups but we can cater for any number.