Iceland 2020

Thur 16 July - Thur 30 July
Copenhagen > Reykjavik

This 10-day tour is designed for travellers that want to circle the ring road, experiencing the best of Iceland. 

Turkey with ANZAC Day at Gallipoli 2020

Fri 17 - Wed 29 April 2020

New for 2020 is Turkey, a special place for many New Zealander’s and a fascinating and extraordinary country where East meets West and ancient meets modern.

Ireland UK

Ireland & UK 2020

Wed 2 Sep - Thurs 24 Sep

This classic tour of the British Isles is full of intriguing contrasts, fascinating rural history and varied farming.

Southern France & Corsica 2020

Sun 10 May - Mon 1 June 2020
Paris > Bordeaux

Oyster, caviar, strawberries, wine and cheese might suggest a food and beverage tour but there is so much more to this trip than these culinary delights.